Specific addons making me crash when loading singleplayer maps (the loading bar has 2 squares left then black screen and brought to desktop with gmod closed)

I happen to crash when having specific addons, for example all FA:S addons make me crash when I load singleplayer, Also Neurotech addons too even though I have everything required and have all the addons for that specific group, like FA:S misc weps, FA:S shotguns, FA:S pistols ect. I have a high performance computer (Cost lots of money, good ram blah blah blah) and have top of line internet (For my local inter, which is 90 megabites.) I have lots of addons and if I delete the ones causing me to crash, it works. I am not at the limit because I can, for example get FA:S misc addon and it will crash but then delete it and get a random addon and it will work. Help me if you can and have the knowledge to fix such bugs. Please don’t respond with “Same problem.” Also just updated, Half life beta weapons V2 is making me crash too, even though I used it a long time ago and it worked. God I hate this.

Different addons have different numbers of lua files. Can you try removing/disabling every addon except FA:S?


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Just want to put this in, I had the addons for FA:S and neurotech and Pac3 before. I played on a server that runs with neurotech and had FA:S and neurotech plus PAC3 but then after playing for a long time (For about 3 weeks) I would load up the server and it would crash (Just like my singleplayer does.) I then delete garry’s mod and reinstalled it fully, and it was fixed. But now most of the addons in the server’s collection would cause me to crash.

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Just in, I deleted my WW2 NPCS and Weps addons and I got PAC3 and FA:S working, I tried with neurotech but it crashes my game.

Could it mean that your PC can’t handle big addons?

Well, I had this addon back when I played on that server, before things went downhill with loading, and It worked perfectly, smooth, no lag, just fine. But now it makes me crash.