Specific anti-raid defenses

I read a thread on how easy it is to get raided while AFK and that for some people, it’s very annoying to go out on an 8 hour job to come back to discover everything they have is gone and they are dead. I would have posted sooner, but I had to wait ~3 days for my rust account confirmation email.

My idea to counter someone waiting for you to log out so they can come raid your defenseless home is…

Rigged walls. I haven’t put much thought into how it would be crafted, but I’m thinking of something slightly easier to obtain than c4 (since eventually, a small group of people control most of it). The idea is you would craft a little emp trap on the inside of your wall, so when people placed a c4 on your door, the trap would activate and instantly blow up the c4 - and kill the raider. You would lose the wall, but the attacker would also get blown up.

Another idea is to have something you can place in the center of a room that you can fill it up with walls so that when a wall is blown up, this device can replace them instantly.

Combine the first 2 ideas and you have an anti-raid/ bandit-troll house :smiley:

Pros? Cons? More anti-raid ideas?

I think this would be great for pvp worlds to add some balance so the loners and new players don’t need to worry as much about coming back to an empty house or no house at all. Essentially, the idea you come up with should in some way deter bandits and raiders by something equally as annoying as having everything blown up and stolen and being forced to leave or start over.

This is unavoidable on the 200 pop servers until the resources become dynamic spawns across the entire map. Currently everyone is forced to huddle around resource nodes which leads to rampant raiding/banditry. There’s not enough to go around with so many people crammed into one space. Playing on lower pop, non-official servers is a nice change of pace. I actually logged on this morning, still alive and well in the house I built last night. Hopefully I’m still there tonight.

I’m fine with such devices being implemented on mod servers only, something like an “anti-raid measures enabled” type of tag. I think the cost should be somewhere between a wall and a C4. Maybe around the crafting difficulty of a gun. Just a ton of low quality metal.

If I was really not too concerned about balance or trying to make raids less desirable than teamwork, I would simply have there be an item you could put in your house so if someone tried to put C4 on your wall, it blew up every C4 in their inventory and did not damage the wall.

That would be a great lol. After a while, if people get annoyed enough, there will be a demand for such items :smiley:

i dont really with instant death traps is gonna be not fair on raiders /bandits its part of the game to raid c4 is in there for that reason to raid and instant death traps will just kill the fun for raid so on maybe something that hurts but not a bomb that kills them instantly maybe bear traps pressure plate traps step on then an arrow comes flying into u or sentry turrets something of a challenge instead of things like u said kill player from a hidden bomb. u will need to look on raiders side to so wat u got stuff u worked for it u got c4s m4s and u are then gonna be bored coz some1 had an idea of an instant death traps so there will be no more raiding

IMO, the vulnerability of bases and loners is by design. I think it is intended that only well-organized groups will be able to stay in one place for very long.

I play as a loner, and the only way to succeed is to live far away from others and go into populated areas for resource runs only. That would probably be true in a real survival scenario.

Except through negotiation of laws and treaties, I don’t think we’re intended to have cool bases that last for weeks. I think we’re supposed to be constantly on the run without ever truly feeling safe.

It’s a survival game. The smarter you are, the longer you will survive.

Thus my post on having such items to exist as an option/tag/mode. Currently, there is…


So, this could lie in between. Unrewarding / extremely difficulty PvP. If you want it to be realistic, you have to also include sickos like myself who, in this apocalyptic scenario, would rig multiple shotguns at each entrance to my home. “Fun for the whole family”, multiple guns not to land multiple hits, but to land multiple headshots on people of varying ages and sizes :slight_smile:

That is what it means to survive :3 Please let us rig our little defenseless shacks with such horrible traps! ty devs.

this game has nothing to do with survival right now. There is no death, Just rebirth, Over, and over, and over. Only way to make it about survival is each time you die you forget all learned blueprints and no longer have access to your old doors.

I agree on blueprints and doors - unless they go with a rogue legacy type deal where each new life is a descendant or relative. It might make sense to pass down that bloodline magic so your children can craft your stuff and open your doors. But at that point, it’s just trying too hard to make the lore work.

But yea, I’m fine with survival being made easier and the penalty for not surviving being made wayyy high. Lose EVERYTHING. You already do, pretty much. If you’re killed offline, anyway.

Have a massive base with many doors and make absolutely sure that you carry the bare minimum of loot. Dont stock up 20 m4’s and 50 sets of kev. Just keep a couple of each. Soon people will learn that your base with millions of doors just isn’t worth raiding.

Until the vast majority do this, you should be relatively safe. Sure… you’ll get hit sooner or later but if you’re not carrying much loot then it isn’t that big of a deal :slight_smile:

Could you not have thought of anything possibly better? Like traps?

Once they implement the item durability + repair system, people will be a -bit- more careful with their belongings and who they raid.

lol love this you can deter most raiders with the build you have, having a build that has many metal doors in the way and im not talking about 5 im talking 20 doors your a gatherer, just work on your house first if you wanna be anti raid, spikes around the outside, big and small, make stair cases alternate sides so you have to go through the 4 or 5 doors each level and make sure there is no easy way into your base by people building something outside to get in.

yes it does help to work in groups but the only good thing to that is you can sometimes get round the clock lookouts and as your working as a team you can be a threatening force everyone would rather avoid and you work together to build up quicker.

yes it would be good if there was some kinda traps in place but not some of the ideas i have been seeing, but like spring loaded weapons or wire traps would be fun, but like any trap i think once its set it will trigger if anyone goes over it even urself so you have to put it in certain places you know the way around it and you have to remember it.

some sort of boobytrap or anti-personel mine would be a nice addition.

For now its basically a fucking arena, nothing smart about surviving just luck.
Hackers and c4 raiders walk around blowing everything up on the oofficial servers.
We need bigger playable map!

Well… I got a few friends to buy it, but they don’t like it that much and I am a loner anyway. How long does it take to obtain metal doors? If it’s too dependent on luck and needs more than a few hours, it isn’t viable for new players / players who’ve logged in to have all their stuff taken. For players who can only get half way or a quarter of the way toward metal doors in a single play session, there should be something they can build instead with those resources to protect their house at least.

Also fine.