specific groups are being considered admin in lua and i cant find out why

context is a darkrp server
So I have a pretty giant list of groups on the server, the inheritance goes:
user, trusted, vip, trialmod, mod, admin etc

for some reason vip, trialmod, and mod are considered admins in lua meaning they can physgun world props, and do vairous other items, I cant for the life of me figure out why, the trusted group was also considered admin but it turned out it had a lot of permisisons through fadmin, i removed those, and now it isnt considered an admin, but the other groups are, ive deleted and remade the groups through both fadmin and ulx and the issue is still there, certain groups are allowed things like a logs plugin and other items so that could be the issue, just hoping for some advice. running the latest version of darkrp.

So the ranks were still considered admin by fadmin as it turns out, I had done _fadmin addgroup vip 0 to attempt to change the group rank but that didnt work, I opened the sv.db file in a database viewer and as it turns out those jobs were all set to power of 1 which is admin, changed them manually back to 0 and all seems to be fixed now.