Specific question - OVH and DMCA? (no drama/threadshitting please)


I’m not a lawyer, but from what Google tells me, DIPSTICK can have your content taken down with a DMCA, but you can respond to OVH saying that you own all copyrights, they will bring it back, and DIPSTICK will have to take legal action to take it down again.

Also, OVH is French, not Canadian.


They also have to abid by what country it is in, thus canadian laws would apply. So long he did not steal anything he will be fine. They will not take down the server less they do not get a response, a friend of mine had someone break into his server and host a ftp with a crap ton of games/movies and they simply mail you first.

If you can easily prove that your code isn’t stolen then it’s pretty much as adam said, he can only be a minor nuisance to you and i doubt he’d be stupid enough to take you to court knowing he’d lose

Is this more Rustic/SantosRP drama again…


Now I’m interested in who EXTHREE and DIPSTICK is.


I’ll drop names: Killslick!!!

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“So, Supreme Servers, is that KingofBeast’s server?”

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