Specific Tiramisu 2 Help

Been working on a server using the newest revision of Tiramisu 2 from the github, made for Garry’s Mod 13. I got it to an almost playable state, and I’ve been leaping over problem after problem after problem (thanks to my Fastdl troubles I had).

My newest problem is my Assault Rifles and SMG’s I added to the server. You make a file for every item you want to be in the gamemode, in shops or etc.
I made an item file for every gun, spent 4 hours balancing the prices and damage they deal, and finally got them in the game.

My problem is, and only on Tiramisu 2, when you use Assault Rifles or SMG’s from this weapons pack, you T-pose while standing still with them after you either aim down sights, or fire the weapon. You will continue to T-pose until you switch weapons. It must have something to do with the ways the weapons are coded, and are conflicting with Tiramsu 2’s animation setup. The weapons are from the M9K packs on the workshop, which I extracted and picked guns out of.

Anything I can do about this?

" spent 4 hours balancing the prices and damage they deal, and finally got them in the game. "
You only did damage vs price? What about fire rate, clip size, accuracy, etc?

A = Time Needed to Empty Whole Clip +
B = Accuracy +
C = Damage +
D = Recoil -
E = Spread -
((A * B * C) / (D * E)) = Goodness of weapon.

Goodness of weapon times some value should be the market price. The “some value” should be determined by how easy or how hard making money is on your server.

@Everyone, does this formula seem correct?

@OP, Sorry for not being helpful with the real problem.

One cause might be that your server’s running on linux?

Yeah linux servers tend to be a tad more frisky when it comes to playermodels and world interaction. I remember when spawning a jeep crashed the server outright.

I run windows S03 and 08, vouch.

No it’s running off a Windows box from Fragnet.

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All the Assaults and SMG’s had clip sizes of 30, so I didn’t really factor that in. I did generally factor in fire rate, but they were too close for me to care on some guns.

Which weapon pack is it, if I may ask?

I took out some of the weapons from the M9K weapon packs on the Workshop after extracting the .GMA files. I’m thinking something in them was conflicting with the animations in the gamemode, as HL2 and CSS weapons worked fine with the gamemode.

Specifically what didn’t work was the Assault Rifles, SMG’s (from the small weapons pack), Sniper Rifles, and Shotguns.

The pistols worked fine with animations.