Specs for a DarkRP GMOD VPS

Basically the idea was to start a DarkRP GMOD VPS, but I never gotten around to it, until now

I would like to start a server with 28-32 slots for DarkRP. It’s basically gonna be minimalistic with FastDL and a few addons ( m9k, precision tool. ) I’ve searched around looking for what kind of specification my VDS/VPS should have and I can’t seem to find a real answer.

Most VPS:s provide different number of cores, RAM sizes and bandwidth limits but there doesn’t seem to be any guide lines for what you should look for. I’m looking for help and tips about the specification of my VPS-to-come.

Immediately I can point out that number of cores makes fuck all difference because SRCDS is single-threaded pretty much (networking has separate thread but that has next to no CPU load). You should be looking at single core performance of provided CPUs instead.

Foremost, I want to thank for the constructive and fast answer.

I remember hearing about GMOD only utilizing one thread but wasn’t sure if it was the game or SRCDS.

NFOservers has a single-core VDS with 1024 MB of RAM, 100 GBs of protected RAID storage and 6000 GB of bandwidth transfer for about 10 dollars/month. Would this suffice for my intentions?

You say single core but that doesn’t say anything about how fast the single core is. Most important thing you should now is the clock speed (GHz) of the core.

When I go to NFOservers and click virtual machine, it literally says nothing about which processor it is or which clock speed it has, all it says there is “Access to one HT CPU core (Intel Sandy Bridge or better)” I’ll look around trying to find which specific processor it is.

Edit: Can’t seem to find which specific processor it is in their VDSes just in their dedicated servers.

That’s the case with Virtual Servers most of the time, they don’t tell you what the clock speed is. Try submitting a ticket and they might have the answer for you.

Welp, I sent in a ticket and, basically, they said: “We have a few machines you could get placed into. We guarantee that you’ll be placed onto an Intel processor, using their Sandy Bridge architecture, or newer.”

“Intel Sandy Bridge or better” gives you between 1.6 and 3.5 GHz (according to wikipedia), just be satisfied that that’s plenty to run a srcds instance. Processing power isn’t the most important thing for source games anyway.

You might get a vague answer if you file a ticket, this is because intel has a few hundred models of each processor they manufacture, and each model has it’s own clock rate. Additionally, a hosting company like NFO is likely to buy reasonably-powered new chips to replace ones that burn out. The end result is that they have many different models of chips running in different servers, and nobody knows which server with which chip is your server (if you choose to host with them) will end up on.

NFO is a little strange in that it gives you a full core all to yourself, most virtual servers do not, they run many many people on the same few cores, and deal with sharing the processing power. In those cases you should instead look for an amount of time your processes are guaranteed (usually called a “reserved” time)

Here’s a few numbers I’ve found from trial&error for setting up gmod servers:
1 core of at least 1Ghz per server
1 Gb of ram per server(if you’re setting up dedicated server hosting, be sure to factor in the operating system’s overhead, it’s non-negligible!)
64Kb/s bandwidth per slot (make sure fastdl is not on the same connection)

It depends on the game mode, but must game modes don’t use enough disk I/O to warrant an SSD. A few GB of HDD should be fine.

Thanks for the constructive answer, as you mentioned I did get a vague answer in my ticket. About the Kb/s per slot might be hit and miss as NFO just gives you 6000 GB of bandwidth transfer which doesnt specify any speed.

NFO should have the required speed

My VPS (hosted by RamNode) that I pay $10 a month for has a CPU clocked at 3.3 GHz. 4 cores (kinda useless for SRCDS, but), 1GB RAM, etc. It’s really worth it and I’ve never had any problems. I’ve used NFO, ElpisHost, and Vultr so far but RamNode beats them all. Just make sure when you purchase the VPS you select the premium version. It’s only like $2 extra but you get a much higher CPU clock rate.

No thanks, I’m most definitely gonna use NFO. This isn’t a question about which host is better than which, just guidelines for the VPS specifications that would fit my needs. I’m trying to find out if the single core (sandy bridge or better), 1 gb of RAM, from NFOservers, is gonna work for a 32 slot DarkRP Server.

I’ve decided that tomorrow I’m gonna use up the 2-day trial on a Single Core VDS on NFOservers. Anyone can recommend things I should get done apart from the server installation? Things like setting up firewalls, ddos protection and things like that