Specs help request for a simple DarkRP server. What to choose?

Well here comes my first thread on here.
What specs and or what server should I choose from here. THIS IS FOR ANYONE IT’S A DISCUSSION, WHERE U CAN DISCUSS WHAT WOULD BE BEST. Not help request.

Keep in mind I’m ONLY hosting for my self and that the CPU on there is the Intel xeon e5 v3.
I’m also going to use windows OS since its a lot more easy and because its gmod in general if u recommend me another OS I would love to hear pros an cons. And I’m using a vps because of RDP access and since I’m tired of weak anti ddos and high price for no specs almost.
Read why bellow.
I will need one for like 100+ players and around probably limit 2000 or so and a lot of scripts but simple darkRP.

And or what host should I get that meet my requests and or is better or cheaper keep in mind specs and anti ddos plays a big factor for me and windows to. Well just leave suggestions and stuff like that bellow. Thank you to anyone with any idea :slight_smile:
FELL free to discuss just don’t start fighting.

You probably wont be able to host a 100+ slot darkrp server with a Xeon E5 v3. Also I think they are going to release VPS:es for games soon, so I would wait for that. Otherwise I don’t really recommend going with OVH if you want a VPS for games, go with NFO instead. However if you want a dedicated server go for OVH, or wait for the GAME VPS, that they are going to release.

What should I look for on there and or what package is good enough bow when I say 100 plus I mean just like 150 or so maybe 200 max. Do u know there anti ddos strength on there :)?