What are the minimum specs for this game? If this has already been posted can somebody link me to it? I’m thinking of getting the game.

AMD A8-5550 APU 3.2 ghz
Radeon HD Graphics
64 bittles

thanks in advance.

what is the exact model! of your graphic card

It is just a basic Radeon GFX Card. IS there a way I can find the exact name of it?

my computer > right click anywhere > properties > device manager > display adapters > name is right there <

AMD Radeon HD 7470 GFX
I just bought the game so hopefully I can play.

You can play it with your computer just fine :slight_smile:

I’m getting some pretty weird FPS though. It’s a little smooth, but at the the same time kinda awkward to play. Do you know any solutions? I’m not sure how to turn off grass.

press f1 then type grass.on false

Ok thanks, any others?

you can play

It’s fairly unstable at the moment. However, a standalone client is coming out soon.

You can try and turn your awesomeness level down in the in-game options menu. It doesn’t work for me but some people say it does.