Spectator Deathmacth in RDM logs

I recently added Spectator Deathmatch to my server and it works amazingly! The only problem is damage and kills go into the damage/rdm logs. Is there anyway to fix this?

Yea go look in the addon read me text. Their is a link to a modified damagelog that stops the damage from being logged.

This is the free version.

There is no “free version;” there’s a leaked version.

Can you give us your steamid and the server ip? Maybe we can see it and help you

Yeah I can help you. Add me on steam.

I have bought the script and found it useless. Very buggy and messy. I found another script, completely different, black and white, etc. and free which is way better. I compared both scripts and they are completely different.

Can you link us to this “free” version? I’ve personally been on servers using the Coderhire version and it seems to work just fine.

I bought the latest version of the script and everything the owner of the script has said he has fixed, it hasnt been fixed. Infinte ammo, you can see ghosts firing, you can see bullet holes left by ghosts, its very buggy. Does this happen to you?

Not on my friend’s server.

link to the free version, dont change the subject

Here is the link. Reminder I bought the original script and this free version was everything I needed, completly different.

Well, I just took a look at that download and compared it to mine. How is it different? It looks exactly the same.

Don’t care about them, pm me your steamname or link to your steam page and I’ll add you. You should enable pm. Go to http://facepunch.com/profile.php?do=editoptions Select private message on.

Niandra, I just compared them and file wise it is a complete difference. How it works wise, it is completly different, no bugs, works like it is, black and white, custom ghost weapons, custom sounds etc.
Icejjfish, I have.

Nope you haven’t…
Just post it here

Done Icejjfish.