spectator mode dosen't work, Please help!

Hi everyone.

I have a murder server, and it’s all great besides, the spectator mode wont work… when you get killed you are simply stuck in the view of you’re dead body and you can’t. looking at the buttom of the srceen it says it change player, that you would spectate.

but you are still in you’re own view of you’re dead body. anybody knows how to fix this problem ?

Check for serverside/clientside errors first.

Have you modified anything or have addons relating to death/could be fucking with the PlayerDeath function?

I dont have any, serverside/clientside errors.
and I have not modified anyting, and i only have murder addon on my server.

I know you said you don’t have any addons, but rereading your post the same thing happened to me with fretta.

Do you have Gmod Legs installed? Like, if you look down at the floor, you can see your legs. I know that broke spectating for me before.

yes i have gmod legs installed :wink: