Spectator/spawning issues in TTT gamemode on GMOD

Ok, I own a small TTT server which has only been up a few days, and I have noticed the players who have been joining have been getting stuck at the start of the TTT round. So I did a bit of investigating and found that when you are in spectator, and you move into any non-collided props, you spawn in that exact position for the round. This is a big issue for me and I was wondering if anyone has a solution for this spawning issue, I got the maps workshop then used GMAD extractor, they are the legit copies, all of them seem to be having ‘spawning’ issues. So I really have no clue what it is.

Nobody can help?

It’s your addons, remove them and test.

Thank you for the help, but I have removed nearly all addons, apart from maps, and it’s still there! Is there any other suggestions you could give me, because I can’t seem to find a fix.