Specular map on my models?

Does anyone here know if i can get my specular map to work like this on gmod?


Without using phong, since it doesn’t seem to work when i use phong exponent texture.

In gmod it looks something like this


You could try using it as a cubemap or environment map texture, I suppose. Are you trying to get some reflections off the metal parts or just the reaction to light like the first picture?

Yeah light reaction like in the first pic.

I want it like that since it looks like the metal parts are plastic without spec, example

Spec off


Spec on


Both of the pics use same light, no changes were made except for the specular.

I kinda want to say go with an environment map, then. If I remember right, cube maps add reflections.

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If you add a lightwarp texture, that could help as well.

Don’t know if it can give the effect i want but i could try.

Can you give me the commands i should use in the vmt?

For the environment map, you could try this:

"$envmap" "Your specular map here" or "env_cubemap"
"$envmaptint" "[ .2 .2 .2 ]"
"$envmapconstrast" "1"

And for the lightwarp,

$lightwarptexture “Texture here”

The lightwarp needs some kind of gradient, like this:

There might be more on the Source Wiki, I just looked there for the lightwarp command.

Doesn’t give the wanted effect really, env_cube just adds a reflection on the model.

What about phong + rimlights while using the specular map AS the exponent texture?
Or ambient occlusion?

I guess it would kinda help to see what the specular map looks like.

Uh specular maps in source works. Just keep in mind that they’re a tiny bit different compared to other games as far as I understand.

Your first map is he specular - which is in the alpha channel of the normal map. This controls the amount of the light reflection. And probably works more like a standard specular map in other games. Sadly it can’t be coloured in the current source engine iteration :frowning:

The second is the specular exponent. This governs the tightness of specular. (Rubber and metal can be just as reflective but the rubber will usually be softer for instance).

This is a seperate texture and once again uses grayscale values.

If you want something that really resembles metalic textures though, I’d go with two textures. Just give a different texture ID to the metal parts and duplicate the vmt from your base, and assign a phongwarptexture to them. Use the combine hunter as a reference. Just make a grayish white phongwarp texture and it should look pretty metallic.

hey is this a ripped model ?

Yes he ripped or decompile a already rip model from crysis. I don’t know anything about spec in gmod since i never fully imported my model in gmod.

$phongtint “[<red float> <green float> <blue float>]”
$phongwarptexture <texture>

I know that. But I’m talking about multiple colours on one single phong mask.

I’m guessing i can’t get a desired effect. I’ll have to work things around i guess.

Yeah, I’ve been trying to replicate something similar for a long-ass time now, and I still haven’t come up with something decent.