Speech Bubbles

Ive played in some RP servers and there NPC’s all have that speech bubble like image above there heads to make it know that they are truely NPC’s. I was wondering how they do this, i made some NPC’s for my RP server and i would like to add that too them too.

This is the function they used:

That sorta helps me but i cant get anything to work right. Could someone help? i dont even know where to add the AddWorldTip()

If you want to code in lua, please do learn it. If you’ve tried several times and failed, then I may help you. What I’m trying to say is, try to learn a little lua before trying to code it. It will help you a lot in the Garry’s Mod world. If you devote a few days to it, you will understand exactly how to use a function (in most cases). I mean this in a completely respectful way.