speed crysis

Hi all, i’m french (sorry for my lvl) I present you my screen " La fuite " which means in English " The leak " with photoshop cs4 :).


2nd :

The image of departure :

Thanks and one love :wink:

Nice posing, but Nomad needs a bit of color correction for it to look like he’s actually there.



also he’s a little big.

Other than that it’s great really.

Oh ! Maybe, but I respect your opinion :slight_smile: Thank you

“The image of departure” “Thanks and one love” :mmmsmug:

I take it you were using some translator?

Excellent posing, although like others have said, he doesn’t quite fit with the real picture.

yes i use reverso.com for translator, It is funny I imagine ^^’ thank for the comment Vman

Wow the 2nd one is wow, just wow. if i didn’t know better i’d think it was real.

he looks like very upset

Oh my God Wina!!
That’s editing is awesome;the posing of Crysis is sweet

That’s pretty freaking sweet. Just do what bodenlan suggested and you will have the Gmod equivalent of a priceless work of art.

The scaling is a little off and the positioning of his right hand seems odd. Your blur does much to cover up how out-of-place the characters actually look (as is easily identifiable by looking at the 2nd image). When doing work like this you really need to add some shadows in or maybe a reflection in the water (the guys in the background desperately need shadows). At first glance this is an absolutely amazing picture… but when studied under more detail it feels a little underwhelming.

Good work.

It can be seen clearly that it’s edited (as in spliced together), but it’s not clear exactly why unless you know stuff and care to think, which I don’t.

it’s a great picture, nothing else but the slight “Shopped” effect is amiss.

When in Maximum Speed mode, the nanosuit glows in yellow.

it’s not maximum speed :smiley:

Thanks all i’m very happy !