Speed hack video Valefar

Please try to post any other sightings recording of Valefar.

He apparently has more than just a speedhack, killed me in the middle of darkass night twice.

Epic nice, you caught one now maybe a hacker banned = 1 new players, legit ones to :smiley:

Bam and just like that, another one caught.

I don’t doubt it, been hearing about a gamma adjustment being used however. Either way the guy hacks =/ I just want to play the game lol.

Theres another vid.

It’s happened to me a few times today, I just managed to catch him this time on record.

Damn noob hackers. Hope he cries >:D

And the ban hammer falls.

(User was permabanned for this post ("alt of Noah1133" - postal))


every game needs hackers to ban so that those issues can be resolved, corrected, and prevented.

What the fuck kind of music do you listen to? jesus

I agree with this in terms of developing the game in order to improve defenses against hackers and what not.

Eventually, hackers that run up and kill you destroy the organic data developers “might” collect from legit players in terms of where players most congregate or run around, collecting wood from piles and food etc.

All this data (and this is just me guessing might not be true) is important in order to understand where crafting/farming nodes are needed (metal, animals).

So while you’re correct…I think the door swings both ways…hence hackers get banned.

Lol sorry I couldn’t remove it, and I was listening to a hip hop radio station and that song was playing.
Also, there’s a mute button.

Also seen on streamer : Aiekillu on twitch with speedhacks.

He will report him in a few.

lol, the whole time i was like 0.o

Lol sorry mate and i admit it was a shit song lol

why u listening to that screaming monkey? :suicide:

there he is

Wow man…
Why would u do this? Its so stupid.

This is just sad. It takes skill to create a game and even more so to make one as popular as this even before its close to being done. It doesn’t take skill and lacks a life to cheat and hack a game for the fun of it, it’s obvious people like this do not have much going on in their life.