Speed hackers everywhere

Me and some ingame friends are considering taking a break(will check in occassionally) until the speed hackers are under control. In one hour of game play seen at least 5-6 of them zooming around the map and more around our base. Judging by the server numbers I think everyone who plays legit is getting sick of it. I know its alpha so im fine with the devs and understand they are looking at other things right now but its making the game pointless and unplayable. Lets hope these pitiful examples are perma banned. Seriously who cheats in Alpha…how sad.

Same, watch out for sleepy, god, chucky and chocolate, theyre all speedhackers and they accuse everyone of hacking when they kill them, so watch out.

I only got two names XJawz, temex couldnt get close to others.

Can back this up - they pretend they’re legit but they speedhack in plain sight for everybody. We have a video of chocolate hacking which we will post later.

Idk about XJawz but temex isn’t a hacker

Any proof he isn’t? :v:

Rama recorded this, I’ve spoken with Helk, and the speedhackers have been dealt with shortly.

These hackers can have their kicks in alpha, but i’m optimistic that the further they get into development the harder and harder its going to be to hack. So don’t worry, Garry’s cookin up a plan…

It’s pretty good that hackers are hacking now, it weeds out possible hackers for the release and help’s Garry work to solve key issues before the game is released. After it all, you are supposed to be testing, not playing.

So hacking is testing and playing is wasting time? I understand finding exploits in the game are key, but making sure the game itself runs the way it’s supposed to is just as important. So these hackers can find the exploits, but those people playing are making sure the rest of the game works.

Playing is wasting time, and I didn’t say hacking is testing. Read over my posts before replying because you obviously skimmed over.

Yeah, and I’m disagreeing with that. And i didn’t say you did, I said that. “It’s pretty good that hackers are hacking now, it weeds out possible hackers for the release and help’s Garry work to solve key issues before the game is released.” that sounds a lot like “hacking is testing”, which as much as we hate hackers, they do show us the exploits that need to be fixed

Woah woah, xjawz is a speedhacker, temex isnt, ive been playing with him for the last four hours

Using Cheat Engine doesnt Help devs, finding bugs/exploit in the code does but it should be reported promptly. Anyone using CE is just a sad little kid. The devs aren’t building anti cheat capabilities at this point so what value is there? The only think these fat little kids are doing is stopping people playing which means less testing.

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We saw tmex speedhack about 2 hours ago so calling a big fat BS on that. xJawz also just made it through a whole base of metal doors to loot our base. As a group we will be taking a break, no point playing atm.


Hacking/cheating Rust is currently piss easy to do, i read up some tutorials and its really just a case of downloading a program and checking a box that would say “Enable speed hack”

However programs like Cheat Engine are pretty easy to block by modules like ACE, just a matter of time till Garry/helk adds it to the game.

There are more advanced things than cheat engine that Garry, Helk and Pat have to worry about. Cheat Engine is the bane of hacking tools and anyone that uses it is just a 12 year old that will banned soon enough. Cheat Engine isn’t meant to be used to hack online games because of how easy it is to detect.

The server should decide where they move instead of the client. Then you have a pretty plain but effective anti cheat because of the client suddenly moves a lot faster then the prediction of the server. You can trigger the auto ban or whatever.

It should but it doesn’t. Plus one of the main reasons there is a sudden major outburst of speed hackers because stupid people on this forum decide to make entire threads dedicated to explaining how to exploit or hack with certain tools or what have you and then all the kiddies that have the game start to use it. Though they wonder why they get flamed for being stupid and not realising there is a report bugs button on the playrust site that allows you to post such things that most kiddies aren’t going to look at because they don’t know it exists. But that’s too late now isn’t it.

Well, I think they’re cheating because the map is hard to get across without dying. And because it’s alpha, they haven’t introduced cars yet. So speed hacking is probably the easiest way for them to get around without being killed. When it’s out of alpha, there’ll be a larger area to play on, cars, and people can be spread out. So it makes sense why they would speed hack.