Speed Hacks

Wow there is a guy doing some serious speed hacking, maybe 100 x normal sprint. Douche. Couldn’t get close enough for a name due to the 3cm render range… Be careful out there kids, there are some bad men around!

The Haxxxx!

hacking on a pre-alpha?

Talk about new level of no-life

Not to be a jerk, but that’s not new. Alot of games in their pre-alpha have hackers in their community.

It could be lag

I assure you it was not lag. Ive played many games and I’ve never seen someone run 1 speed and then immediately after being shot, increase speed 100 fold and be visible on screen the whole time. No lag switch type look where they “pop” from one place to another. This was just super speed and exactly when he got attacked. Two of us saw it on two separate occasions.

Let me guess, his name was DECLAN007?

KEEMSTAR is one of the guys speedhacking. Took my M4 with flashlight, 500 wood, research kit, 10 paper,
laser dot attachment, flash light attachment and shit ton of gunpower and sulfur after he killed me.

As someone mentioned above… Hacking in pre-alpha is just sad =)

I’ll be honest I know this guy and I’ve not seen him move that quickly or engage too many people.

KEEMSTAR + Dylan seem to be tag teaming. Always seem to come speeding out of no where.

Sqilmax also appeared out of no where and 1 Shot my friend in the Body @ Full Health with a Hatchet, I’m 99% sure thats not possible considering In the past its taken up to 4 with a hatchet.

Better hacking in alpha so it can get fixed now and not be in release. Like it or not people hacking now are helping the game.

Stop making crap threads if you don’t have any proof.

maybe you were goin 100x slower

It really wouldn’t surprise me if some low life’s have already made hacks for this game,I just hope the devs implement a decent anti cheat or this game will be over run with scum low life cheaters.

I know how they’re hacking, i saw a post about it on mpgh.net

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Is there a guy i can message, telling them how they do the speedhacks so they can fix it?

I hope they use Vac, because that’s the best Anti-Cheat system evar.

Putting this in both threads so someone can see it.

Video proof of Keemstar Speedhacking.

Video proof of iHcJames speed hacking.

Video proof of Valefar aka iHcJames (Alt Account) speed hacking.

Both are towards the end.

http://www.twitch.tv/shadowblade72/b/432341012 (Around 2:45 and 4:30 I catch both Valefar and Keemster.)