speed "hacks"?

This is sort of an off question, but, how exactly do speedhacks work in lua? I thought that setting the speed at which a player walks was only server side (no work-arounds). How does it work?

The “normal/most common” speedhacks force a convar.
And thats the info I’ll give you.

Well, does it work in reg lua or does it have to be a module? I was told they only work if you make them in a module.

Needs to be with a module.

Force host_timescale to a higher number on the client. (Use a module or external memory editing program.)

But ofc you wont do anything bad with this information i gave you and you’ll only use it for investigation purpose.

no need for a module, i looked inside baconbot v4 , and its all in lua , and as for the gm_bbot , that only exports curl function. (I do not use hacks , i download them to supply fixxes for them and anti cheats for my server

BB also uses a module…


i exported functions inside the module , and i can say that there are only curly object controlers , and 2 other functions (gmod_open , close)

how bout SetCVAR ?

hmm? thats not in the module i dont think , or i didnt see it , but i can now confirm that the sv_cheat bypasser and speed hack is done in lua using a lua overflow exploit yet to be fixed


i could release code , but form many reasons , including the one witch says i am a lazzy git , i wont be posting in this thread.
flap , i might pm you with more detils

[lua]local hosttimescale = GetConVar(“host_timescale”)

local function SetSpeedHack(ply, cmd, cargs)
local speed = speedfactor:GetFloat()
if CVARMETAGETINT(svcheats) != 1 then
SetCVAR(svcheats, “1”)
SetCVAR(hosttimescale, tostring(speed))

Commands.cmds["+Bacon_Speed"] = SetSpeedHack[/lua]

exactly, like i said

And what I said, he is just trying to be cool…

im sure he has no clue what hes talking about

Rated agree :3


This is actually the truth, I don’t have the capabilities to use this information really. Like I understand WHAT/HOW it works from what you said, but I don’t have the “smarts” or, in other words, I am not good enough to do anything with it.

Thanks for explaining though.