Speed Increase Boots

Hi. I was wondering if someone knew how to make a passive boots that increase speed by 30%. Please Help. Thanks, Tobias.

I know.

@Edit: Anyways, I wanted to reply quickly to this. The thing is that I don’t see a point of this thread.
Are you making a request, or asking for someone to teach you how to make entities or what ? Because if you are looking for functions that increase speed then:

I just don’t know how to make passive items. I was wondering if someone could help me or give me a code for them. I would very much apericate it.

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I wouldn’t mind paying though.

1st of all.
This looks to me like a plain “Make it for me” thread.
2nd of all.
http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1269027 This is the place to make such requests
And finally.
What’s so hard about making entity which OnUse does Activator:SetRunSpeed(num) ?

As in passive what do you mean? Do you wish to spawn them as an entity, press E on them and they stay until you leave the server?

Once I get an answer I’ll quickly make it for you and post the code.

I mean, when you buy then you must be traitor or detective, the second you buy run they equip until you die. They increase you speed by %30 automatically. It is passive use so you it doesn’t take up any weapon slots.

From equip_items_shd.lua

– This table is used by the client to show items in the equipment menu, and by
– the server to check if a certain role is allowed to buy a certain item.

– If you have custom items you want to add, consider using a separate lua
– script that uses table.insert to add an entry to this table. This method
– means you won’t have to add your code back in after every TTT update. Just
– make sure the script is also run on the client.

– For example:
– table.insert(EquipmentItems[ROLE_DETECTIVE], { id = EQUIP_ARMOR, … })

– Note that for existing items you can just do:
– table.insert(EquipmentItems[ROLE_DETECTIVE], GetEquipmentItem(ROLE_TRAITOR, EQUIP_ARMOR))

– Special equipment bitflags. Every unique piece of equipment needs its own
– id. The number should increase by a factor of two for every item (ie. ids
– should be powers of two). So if you were to add five more pieces of
– equipment, they should have the following ids: 8, 16, 32, 64, 128…

– Icon doesn’t have to be in this dir, but all default ones are in here
local mat_dir = “VGUI/ttt/”

– Stick to around 35 characters per description line, and add a "
" where you
– want a new line to start.

EquipmentItems = {

  -- body armor
  {  id       = EQUIP_ARMOR,
     loadout  = true, -- default equipment for detectives
     type     = "item_passive",
     material = mat_dir .. "icon_armor",
     name     = "item_armor",
     desc     = "item_armor_desc"

  -- radar
  {  id       = EQUIP_RADAR,
     type     = "item_active",
     material = mat_dir .. "icon_radar",
     name     = "item_radar",
     desc     = "item_radar_desc"

  -- The default TTT equipment uses the language system to allow
  -- translation. Below is an example of how the type, name and desc fields
  -- would look with explicit non-localized text (which is probably what you
  -- want when modding).

– { id = EQUIP_ARMOR,
– loadout = true, – default equipment for detectives
– type = “Passive effect item”,
– material = mat_dir … “icon_armor”,
– name = “Body Armor”,
– desc = “Reduces bullet damage by 30% when
you get hit.”
– },

– body armor
type = “item_passive”,
material = mat_dir … “icon_armor”,
name = “item_armor”,
desc = “item_armor_desc”

  -- radar
  {  id       = EQUIP_RADAR,
     type     = "item_active",
     material = mat_dir .. "icon_radar",
     name     = "item_radar",
     desc     = "item_radar_desc"

  -- disguiser
  {  id       = EQUIP_DISGUISE,
     type     = "item_active",
     material = mat_dir .. "icon_disguise",
     name     = "item_disg",
     desc     = "item_disg_desc"


– Search if an item is in the equipment table of a given role, and return it if
– it exists, else return nil.
function GetEquipmentItem(role, id)
local tbl = EquipmentItems[role]
if not tbl then return end

for k, v in pairs(tbl) do
if v and v.id == id then
return v

If you still don’t know what to do after reading the comments, either learn lua or use this thread