Speed of usermessages

Does anyone happen to know the sending rate and reliability of user messages?

I’m wondering if I will be able to send a single user message to a single client every tick and be successful without them queuing up.

Probably, but why would you need to do that? Anyway, yes, the game sends a great deal more then that for player/entity movement and pretty much everything in the game.

Works fine, for my gamemode I can send 50 user messages to multiple clients every tick.

Thanks for the quick replies!

I figured as much because of how much networking goes on (I just didn’t want to waste my time)

Thanks again!

EDIT: I know the limit on user messages is 256 per (Including the name), but any idea how many can be received on a client in the same tick?

Also I can not use datastream because it splits it up over time.

EDIT 2: I feel really dumb for asking the first question lol

EDIT 3: Also, anyone know what happens if I try to read passed the received buffer on the client?

Got my answers, this can be closed.

You’ll read random bytes and shit fucks up.