Speed Posing PROF

That how i do my works… but that pic not have photoshop, only gmod.

Felt like having a stroke after watching that video for a while.

what you mean?

I like watching people work in GMod. Nice work.

Thx :slight_smile:

I really enjoy these videos showing how people set up their shots. It gives you some great ideas on how to improve your own stuff.

enjoyed watching

I know what speedpainting is, but speedposing is something new for me :slight_smile:

The spy should have taken the dogtags.

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Also, HWM Models give you more realistic facial expressions… even though they take a while to get just right.

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What were you typing into the console?

ent_fire !picker setlightingorigin
… end other :slight_smile:

and yeah… HMW i use in normal works :slight_smile: where i can relax and have much time