Hey guys!

Was wondering if anyone knew how to make speedboosts that only run for like 5 seconds and they only have two per day unless they buy more with points?

If possible, the points code would be mad to!

Thanks Guys!

I’ll assume this is meant to be for Adam’s Pointshop.

Take a look at how you create an item yourself, found here: http://pointshop.burt0n.net/items specifically the functionsand propertiessections.

You should use the ‘OnBuy’ function along with

Player:SetRunSpeed to set the player’s speed, and then use ‘OnSell’ to reset the player’s speed.

As for the giving of boots for free, I recommend saving the 64bit Steam ID’s of players who you have given the boots to and then using a hook to see if they need to be given the boots.

Firstly you should create a directory (Relative to garrysmod/data/) using this function:

file.CreateDir then, after given the player the boots, you should create a text file using that player’s 64Bit SteamID as the file name (This isn’t the most efficient but is the easiest for you to understand). You should use this function:

file.Write to create the file while using this function:

Player:SteamID64 to get the player’s 64Bit SteamID.

I would use this hook:

GM/PlayerInitialSpawn and use this function:

file.Find to check if the player has already been given boots. You should also use

file.Time to see what day that player was given the boots and if it was over a day ago you should delete the file using this:


Try and create the system yourself, Facepunch will not just write scripts for you, however we will help you make them.

Sorry I should of mentioned that this isnt for a pointshop, but thankyou for that anyway.

Anyone else know how to make a addon or code to do so?

He gave you links to a bunch of functions that work for pretty much any kind of thing (not just Pointshop) and he’s telling you exactly what to do in the right order