Speeds any better?

gmod.org uses Amazon S3 now. Are the download speeds any better?

they’re much better now.

Yeah it is Thanks garry:D

fuckton faster

Much better, thanks garry

I like the speeds very much :smiley:

Thanks garry!

Thank you very much,sir.

From around 10 kb/s to around 250-300

Amazingly better.

Thanks Garry!

It was good but now my GMod.org is crashing unless I refresh every thing I goto on GMod.org like, 7 times.

(using firefox)

^ Yeah me too. I don’t know what’s going on.

I using FireFox and i doesn’t seen any crashes.

Thanks Garry!

Much faster! And no crashes! AWESOME!

From 500kb/s to 100kb/s - 150kb/s…

I am using firefox and I must say it was better some weeks ago.
For some reason the search takes pretty long and I can’t download anything.

<Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>


If you get that error, it means the file hasn’t been mirrored (yet)

for me its slower than used to be.

I can’t even connect to it? :open_mouth:

Yeah, it’s taking ages to load for me. GARRY! REVERT! REVERT!