Speedster hacked Gmod Wiki

Only five seconds ago, the gmod wiki was hacked, I think it still is.

What’s going to happen?



Looks like thread above me covered it faster.

Well, I’m pretty sure someone will change it back, but don’t quote me on that

That’s maybe good.

Lol its back allready winki works fast but hes probobly going to keep messing with it

Lol looks like we simultanously made a thread about the same thing xD

just that my thread gets no posts :stuck_out_tongue:

Quoted. :eng101:



Perfect time for him to mess with the wiki too…

you mean “when noone cares?” ^^

You don’t hack a wiki, anyone can make changes.

thats exactly what i said :stuck_out_tongue:

and all the changes are undone in a second, too! yay!