Speedtree FPS Drop - 50 down to 15

Hey guys.

First of all, thanks for this game, desperately waiting for fridays every week. Im a huge fan. I got a bit of a problem with my set up so i would appreciate some help and oppinions.

Thats my set up:

CPU: Intel Core i7 950 - 3,3 Ghz
Ram: 16 GB DD3 - 1333
GPU: 2 x GTX 580 - SLI (each 1536 MB)
Native Screen Res: 2560x1600

Some time ago i realized Rust experimental woulnd run smootly on my 30 Inch Display with 2560x1600 - About 20 Frames. So i decided to upgrade my machine and buy another GTX 580 for a SLI Set up. I know its not the best solution but i had this set up before - got a 1000W Power suply-high air flow case - and it was just 90 Bugs - And as well… Financial Crisis, aint got the cash to buy a 700.-€ high end card again.

Anway: Because of the second card i got a fps increase to about 50fps - 2560x1600 on fantastic.
Now, since the speedtree update - it droped down to 15fps on same specs.

Soooooooo. Here comes my question: What do you guys think would be the best to do ?

Can a huge performance increase be acpected till baseline ?
Might there be some SLI optimization ?

And if not: What´s your opinion on upgrading - keeping the setup . I dont realy like using any other than the displays native resolution, less draw distance or else. What would be needed to get steady 50 FPS - everythin on - 2560x1600 - fantastic.
Maybe keeep one 580 for Physx support ?

Get rid of both cards and invest in a new one ?

Looking forward to ready your answers.

Greets and thx for reading.

Considering SpeedTree has only been in Rust for about a week and a half, and they’re using the Unity 5 beta, I think you have a little bit too high an expectation for a game in alpha.

Also, that is a huge amount of pixels to push out each frame, so turning down the res would be my first start, and if not that, the details.

Buying another 580 when 970s just came out seems silly. I’m only in 1080p but I run the game pretty well on just a GTX 970. What is your CPU?

Turning off the full reflections and texture virtualization or whatever it’s called gave me the most improvement. I also lowered shadow distance, getting around 70-90fps