Spell duration

I was banned Today at 14:00 clock and wanted to know when I can play again. I’m sorry I used a light hack. Greetings Passi121

What is your Steam profile / ID?

You may be simply banned from a server or you are VAC banned. The latter means your account is banned for good.

Are you kiddin? Cheating = Ban.
Deal with it, boy.

I have a VAC banned.
My ID in Steam: Passi121

VAC bans are permanent dude.
May it be a life lesson for you.

well to bad, im glad u got ur ass banned for LIVE
fuck off with ur cheats u little bitch

Sorry dude, you cheat you get banned.

Buy another copy and refrain from ruining the game for others.

I just wanted a bit light because my screen is so dark
And how can I play the game again because I’m really really sorry!!

Make a new steam account and buy the game again.

  1. turn out the lights in your room
  2. turn your GPU and screen lights higher
  3. turn brightness higher, either in game or in your GPU, screen settings
  5. dont use a cheat!

and BTW, what about the people that cant see anything in the dark?
its just okay for you to shoot them huh?

get banned

Make yourself a torch

Buy another copy of Rust. And I’m not sure, but you might need to create a new account as well.

I can not buy the game but once again on Steam and a second account violates rights against the Steam.

create a new steam account and buy Rust again and you could have light by looking in you rmonitor settings you don’t need hacks for that

Too bad. Once again, learn from your mistake.

Well in that case you are technically banned from rust for life.

LOL? steam validations? make like 3 more e-mails man… i got like 6 e-mails and 3 steam accounts, fuck the rules they wont find out unless im DDOSsing or hacking or anything, just turn the lights off in ur room and turn brightness higher, like how shit is ur monitor man?
you really need a cheat to see something?

and BTW, is it also dark when it is daytime?
or just nighttime?
cause NO1 can see in the dark, its just how the game is made, you dont have like a HUGE dissadvantage

Can one be not spell again freely buy? Because the game is really important to me and I can only account on this Steam

No mercy for hacking scum.

In the Daytime !!!
I have a really old Desktop

just make 1 more e-mail and 1 more steam account, it AINT HARD BROTHA