Spells/Witchcraft in Garrysmod.

I have seen a few sweps regarding “magic” such as the black magic swep from Sakarias and the fire magic swep from him as well, But i have yet to see a mod with fullblown variations of spells and magicka/mana levels needed for some spells perhaps doing things as killing NPCS for “leveling” up and gaining more magicka to use, or something as simple as a mod with a wide variation of spells would make me happy.

Something interesting would also be the ability to create your own “custom” spells with perhaps a list of available effects to use and points from leveling up/killing creatures and doing simple quests to get more damage/radius effects for your spell, By that i mean doing quests to gain points to use in upgrading your custom spell.

I would appreciate serious responses to my post, and as i don’t have very much experience in lua at all or coding for that matter.

this idea is a realy good one, and it has my full suport :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this is a idea I can see a few problems

By itself, running around blasting npc’s with ice bolts and hailstorms and whatnot just to level up would get old really quickly. I can see the magic effects being something fun to toy around with though. Reminds me of the armored gloves in… Heretic… or hexen? In fact, all the weapons in that game…

Makes me wonder why first person magic use went out of style so long ago…

Also, along the lines of witchcraft… I’d like a voodoo doll to ragdoll enemies with.

Well in my opinion if you guys are going to make this real first have in mind something… to this gamemode work you 'll need:
Special Skins for Npcs
Npcs should have HP acording to their difficulty level
Special map just for that gamemode
That’s my opinion.

sounds cool to me.

this does not have to be a gamemod, it could just be a swep and the leveling would be clienside