Spencer Estate (Re5) for Gmod

This the “Spencer Estate” sceneries from xnalara (sceneries ripped from the original games). converted for gmod by myself.
This model is a big model, that’s why i release it on a map.
Because to compile this model I had to cut it into 14 pieces, he was too big for the source engine.
and for avert you to assemble the 14 pieces in gmod (really, not easy) a piece, look like that:


I have assembled they myself in hammer.
And at the same time, I put the ambience, with lights, fog, a personal texture for windows etc…
And therefore made a map.

This model has no physic, so no collisions (too lazy to make 14 physmodels).
But to facilitate poses in gmod I created the ground, barriers and columns, in brush with the nodraw’s texture.
As you can see:


And here is the result:





I have also add an icon to the spawn menu on gmod:


Here is a original scene in the “Spencer Estate” for you make a idea. If you don’t know of what i speaking about.


HDR version (request by Urbanator) (not tested in gmod)
Info: This version does not replace the other.

Installation: Just extract the zip file into your addon folder.

Enjoy :wink:


Really quick pose and in game light. The light work want’s to look good in this map. Awesome Ash:dance:

Oh wow, that’s amazing. I wonder if any other maps can be made in this style?

Overv ripped Vault 13 into parts and then made it into a map iirc

I think my only real complaint for this map is that it lacks bumpmaps. I’ll bet it would look pretty damn awesome if someone could put bumpmaps on the textures.

The vault tileset from Fo3/FONV, right?

The main problem with that is consistent lighting and of course vvis optimization. This map works well because it’s just one big room.

Still though, amazing work and a great proof of concept for something a lot of people said just wouldn’t work well.

Once that guy finishes his tools for Dark Souls, I plan on doing something like this with some of the maps in that game.

The map could also use some specularity.

great for posing and comics👍