Spes Muhrene




Please leave feedback, I still have GMOD open, and can make changes on the spot if needed. Thanks!

EDIT: Brighter version for those who can’t see


In the year 40,000 there are only oddly fitting brown filters.

Very nice I think, posing is great and the editing looks well enough.

No brown filters here. Only Blue fog with the vibrance of the entire thing toned down. I’m not the best at editing, which I’m trying to work on.

I don’t think brightness will benefit the blind much.

Good posing.

Heh, I didn’t mean literally. I showed a few of my friends this and they said it was “Too dark, I can’t see anything”. So for those like them , I brightened it up a bit. Speaking of which, I have a few friends to remove seeing as they didn’t know what Dawn of War was, and some called them “Mechs”.

It was a joke.

You may as well remove yourself from your life, as you call it “Dawn of War” instead of “Warhammer 40,000”.

i still hate how those guys’ kneepads were rigged heh

also Mythos remember that the heretic can still repent and the misguided can be shown the right way; it’s the traitor that the universe has no need for

The heavy bolter guy doesn’t have the right backpack 0/10.

Kinda reminds me of the preheresy Heavy Bolters, with giant drum magazines. Time to search for something that would work with that.

yo what


oh my

we must have this

Yeah they’re awesome. We need to find something that works for them.

I call it that since many do not know what Warhammer 40k is, my apologies that I named it something else, It’s like calling a clone trooper model a character from Battlefront 2, instead of Star Wars.

There was a devastator model in the pack, but the ammo belt’s phys was all messed up, and when I tried to do vcollide_wireframe 1, it made a lot of textures purple/black, so I figured I would just work with the heavy bolter that had the box on it.

well it’s still better than calling a clone a stormtrooper

Sadly, too many people do that. Like the retards I call friends on STEAM who call Space Marines “Mechs” or “Robots”.


Best thing would be to add an extra joint just for it. JUst not sure if it ought to be linked to the tighs or calf bones.

i think rigging it 50% to both would look p right too

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most official art shows them linked to the calf parts tho

50% would just stretch it. Hence adding a completely new joint which could be moved with the goint tool or similar.
Unless there’s a way to set up bone hierarchy to be on two bones.

nope, i tested it once. rigging all the vertices of the pad 50% to both the calf and the thigh bone just makes it bend perfectly with the knee, because it doesn’t follow the movement of either bone 100%. the downside of this is that if you bend the joint in the opposite direction the kneepad shrinks, but since human (or Space Marine) knees don’t bend that way it’s not really a problem

alright, will try it out once I get around to it.