SPet Mod 2

This is a complete rewrite of my old petmod.
In this mod you pretty much adopt a pet and hang out with it. You can feed it, tell it to attack players, tell it to stay, put it on a leash, and heal it if it’s getting attacked. Their is also an age system so your pet can die if it’s really old. Your pet can also die if you don’t feed it. You could also color the pets egg so once it hatchs your pet will have the same color.

Temp fix for a problem: http://forums.facepunchstudios.com/showpost.php?p=9469228&postcount=28

:siren: If you have an old version, delete the old version before installing the new version :siren:







Pet Commands:
[li]/spm - Shows the version info + available commands.
[/li][li]/petinfo - Shows you your pets name, age, hp, gender, and type
[/li][li]/adopt pet - You receive a pet egg
[/li][li]/adoptinfo - Shows you a list of pets you can adopt
[/li][li]/name name - Renames your pet to name
[/li][li]/follow - Your pet will follow you (Toggle).
[/li][li]/move - Your pet will move to the spot you are looking at.
[li]/leash radius - Your pet will be leashed in a radius of radius
[/li][li]/leash hide - Hides your pets 3d leash radius
[/li][li]/leash show - Shows your pets 3d leash radius
[li]/feed - Feeds your pet so it won’t die. You must be near your pet when using this command.
[/li][li]/stay - Your pet will stay in its current location.
[/li][li]/heal - Heals your pet (Can be used once every couple seconds).
[/li][li]/attack player - Your pet will attack / not attack player (It’s a toggle).
[/li][li]/release - Releases your pet.
Admin Only:
[li]/givepet player pet - Gives player a pet egg.
[/li][li]/reloadcommands - Reloads all chat commands.

Installation: Drag and Drop the Spacetechs Pet Mod folder into your addons folder.

Configuring: Open “Spacetechs Pet Mod\lua\SPM\Shared\Config.lua” and edit variables.

Change Log:
[/li]-Rewrote the whole mod

:siren: The follow and move commands might not work on maps that don’t have npc nodes :siren:

Special thanks to G3X and Boofy for letting me use their servers for testing.
Also thank LuaPineapple for the leash 3d radius thing.

It was a pleasure helping you straighten out some bugs.

Thanks for letting me beta test this on my server.

Nothing comes close to zapping you with my Vortigaunt. :v:

Nice, this was a privalige to host your mod on my server, it was really good and it’s one hell of a mod! Well done!

would be nice to have a stool or something to make it easier to use

I loved the old pet mod, I’m going to test it out now. :slight_smile:

How would a stool make it easier to use?

Ooh, looks awesome, downloading.
Did you fix the strider?

Their was nothing to fix with the strider. The strider is more or less a half life 2 problem and/or an ai node problem.

like a pet adoption tool

Awesome! Downloading now.


I love this addon! My server now has this.

Grand. Thanks.

Now we need a mingebag pet.

I love you.

Nice release! :smiley:

Can’t wait to get home from vacation and try this. How did the effect come out for the leash?

I ended up asking LPine for help and he knew what to do. It took a while.

Ahh well that’s good to hear. Did I help one bit? Like getting you in the right direction.

Yea you did. :slight_smile:

Woah sweet. I’ll take a look at the code and see what you did.