Spetsnaz fireteam scenebuild

Not really a fireteam, if so the other units would be cut out.

First scenebuild (without lense flare added)


The second version (with lense flare)


For most of my actions scenes because I’m 99.9% autistic with photoshop, I probably won’t be able to make decent flash effects for gunshots. But, if you feel that you want to use any of my future screenshots for photoshop, by all means go ahead.

Pretty cool.

remember to keep your lens flares tightly controlled, they look bad if they cover up large areas of the scene

thanks for future reference, that’s why i made a version without it

In my opinion, I think the camera should be a little higher so we can see more of the soldiers and what they’re doing. Also, the rock on the left side of the screen is covering, well, the left side of the screen! Haha. Instead of just filling in space with a giant rock, you should use that opportunity to show off some scenery (hence the scenebuild). There’s lots of potential, just gotta think outside the box.

But as it is right now is pretty nice, I like the foliage and props you used. The composition and the posing is alright too, always room for improvement :smiley:

thanks man, i’ll keep it in mind when i make some new scenebuilds.

It is very nice, but the only thing I don’t really like is the posing for the P90, don’t get me wrong, I would not have posed it any better then you did, but it’s still really good : )