Spetsnaz Moving Up

Testing some models

All ingame except the black bars

Looking good.

Any ATA on the release?

Dat gasmask… Lookin’ good

Pose is nice to I really like the colours.

Something looks bad on the phong|normals or whatever is cuasing it.

Probably going to release them today or tomorrow. I just need to add some more gear, skins, fix up the phong and touch up the rig.

Like we don’t already have a shit ton of these ugly ass models…


somthing wrong i got this and the ak from mw3 is ALL wrong like its an effect as a prop my phys goes through the gun HELP?

I usually think that soldiers walking with weapons in their hands is extremely boring but I really like the lighting in this.

This was all done…


good god I want to start posing now