Spetsnaz operators


Everything looks decent except for the guy on the left.

He’s reloading his weapon.

edit: ignore above post and this, fixed it already

The posing is kinda bad, both of them look really awkward and unnatural.

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And the left guy would drop his gun holding it like that

I’m sorry, but when a silly pose like that takes up almost a third of the picture, it’s hard to look past it.

I couldn’t pose both of their fingers for some reason, other one’s fingers would reset when i start posing the other one’s.

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pretty sure I saved, gonna fix the pose

clipping with arm/sleeve, plus that area on the model just looks funky in general

not really your fault but eh

also, if you wanted to be supa-artistic, you could add smoke coming from the catridge casings, just a thought.

Alright, changed the pose of the other dude and fixed the fingers :v:

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Why is everyone rating it funny? at least tell me what’s funny about it

>Advice Incoming:


Not sure of shooting experience, but assuming not much.

Whenever you pose a model that’s supposed to be shooting, it’s not enough to just have them point their guns downrange. The main thing that bugs me about this piece is that the guys seem like they’re at the range hanging out, not in the middle of a firefight. Next time around, bend them over a bit so they’re compensating for the recoil.

One more thing, it’d be great of they could actually be looking down their sights instead of just half-hipfiring.

Last thing, I promise. Rotate the shell casing so they’re not almost parallel. When a weapon ejects brass, it will be spinning horizontally. It would be really lucky if they all line up for this ‘snapshot’.

But enough of that. Nice muzzle flash & smoke for in game.


They’re in a fire fight surrounded by high grass and they chose to stand in the middle of the pavement?

What do you mean by that? If you mean my shooting experience, no, I don’t have any. I know what proper shooting stances look like though :v:

I actually tried to make the farther guy look down his sights but I couldn’t get his head positioned correctly. The guy with rolled up sleeves is not shooting so I don’t see anything wrong with his pose.

Thanks for the advice.

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Yes, they’re so ~pro mlg n0scope~

Right-o. Found a small-time website offering advice on shooting positions.

Link: http://www.everycitizenasoldier.org/id16.html

Note that in the standing positions, the shooter is either leaning forward or completely vertical to adjust for recoil. Your guys are fairly laid back. Also, try putting the weapon up to the model’s cheek before tucking it into his shoulder. That way it’ll look like he’s actually aiming down his sights.



Hope it helps, bro.

thanks bro

Looks like shit

get a better monitor bro