Spetsnaz playing office games.

** Spetsnaz 1: Guys we need someone else to play chair smasher!
Spetsnaz 2: Well it’s just us 3…and the hostage!
Spetsnaz 3: Are we gonna use hi-
Spetsnaz 1: Yah… **


I used to different angle motion blurs by mistake.
These models are stiff necked
Anyone got the link to some good COD models? (These are good just…)
This was gonna be a serious pose, but …
If I forgot any spots, I’ll go over them in a awhile. Going to the bank so I got no time.

Lol I rate you funny because of the idea.

Inb4 “they ain’t Spetsnaz”.

I was just going by what COD called them. I never really studied the Russian military.

Also what did I spell wrong? Please tell me so I can correct it.

CoD called them Ultranationalists. These are the Ultranationalist models.

COD4? I remember in multiplayer they were called Spetsnaz. Ah, whatever! People can deal with it.

I don’t remember this multiplayer mode :v:.


Whenever SAS fought the Russians in multiplayer, they were titled “Spetsnaz” for some reason.


I don’t like the blur. Posing Is fine.

Wouldn’t like it if it weren’t for that pan.
Old cartoon shenanigans FTW!
Have a funny.

Isn’t Spetsnaz/Specnaz in Russian mean special forces?
Yes I do know Spetsnaz is Russian and against terrorist today.
But uh funny they don’t say Russian Loyalist in the Joint Operations even if they saved soap at the end : /
Anyway uh ME ZA LIKES IT…