Spetsnaz Soldier firing his weapon.


–Does anyone know how to smooth the smoke to make it a little more transparent? The smoke was a fail, I know. But I’m still improving edits with GIMP. Ideas?–

Photoshop filters, the most destructive weapon known to man

The smoke looks really weird and the low-texture leaves take away from the overall screenshot.

Well first of all please find higher res bushes/trees/maps, second pump up your graphics to max.
Good posing for a beginner and the camera angle is ok although what ^ said about leaves.
The muzzle flash really needs to be pretty much opaque.
The cartridges are too big for the gun and there is too much smoke which needs to be more transparent. When you paste the smoke into Gimp you can change its transparency (top right, above undo/layers) and while you’re at it use a soft eraser to get rid of some of the smoke.
Still pretty good for a beginner.

Because it was pasted on.

And he took a picture from a horribad place so it’s not good at anyway.
Also OP, you should do it step by step. don’t skip part’s so you know what you can do.(I said this cause you used the GIMP tutorial in the Screenshot rules and resources thread.)

And while your honing your skill’s you shouldn’t make a thread for it. just go to want post my screenshot but don’t want to make a thread.

It’s really really generic, there’s 54782 of these already.