Spetsnaz team prepare to snipe enemy forces. + Bonuses


I dont think it turned out too bad.
But thats my opinion. I tried to stay away from muzzleflashes.

You don’t stand near a window when firing out of it. you get as far away as possible.

Depends on the situation.

The posing isn’t that bad, except the guy on the right seems to be balancing on the tip of his boots. The stock also collides inside the guys shoulder in the second bonus pic.

well, if the situation is you wanting to die, then yes.

always, and i mean always, fire from as far back as possible. obviously if you’re trying to get a lot of elevation/depression (target is almost against the wall or a long way above/below you) you’ll need to stand closer to get that leverage, but in every circumstance, the safest option is to hang back and fire from deep within the room and from behind cover. not only does it make bullets less likely to reach you, but it also provides excellent concealment.

onto the other aspects of the pictures… always render sdof unless you have a specific artistic reason in mind for not doing so. in this case, sdof probably wasn’t even needed, or at least not on such a strong setting. posing looks pretty solid, good stuff there. tiptoe pose is the only biggie. what i will call you out on is the boring background and the mw2 models - fucking seriously people, stop using mw/mw2 models. use alex vestin’s fixed ones or - if you want to use russians or just not those models - find some from another game. the mw2 ‘russians’ look absolutely nothing like russian troops anyway.

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oh yeah, second image is boring and third could be better but has pretty cool lighting and an interesting angle, lack of jpeg quality and unrendered sdof ruin it.

Why bump.
Either way can you link me to alex vestins soldiers?

i bumped it because a) you could use some direction and b) i’ve been on a training exercise for the last week, so i’ve had no internet access at all.

can’t find the download right now, i might try re-uploading later and sending you the link via pm. remind me later.