Spetsnaz trooper escapes enemy forces while shooting at footmobiles.

I know the muzzleflash looks like shit, I cant make muzzle flashes for shit though and i had to make a simple way to know that he is firing his gun.
And hes not riding on water, hes riding on ice.

       C&C Please?

Fuck only just noticed the clipping on his right foot.

Pepper gun! pow pow

yeah muzzleflahs is kind dark but it ok good pic

The muzzle flash you chose is fugly. The snow trail is also. Turn down it’s opacity.

Muzzle flash is ugly, also improve you camera angle.

Don’t forget to render the Super DoF.

Can i ask what rendering the super DOF does? Cause i always crash if i try to render.

Muzzleflash tutorial (if you’ll need more details, just scroll down to my post).

It makes it look supa cool. Disable Motion Blur in your gfx settings if SDoF crashes. Should fix it.

This gets better CC than mine, it looks okay, but it just looks like you used soft brushes…

The edits are not great, but the pose is very good

what model is that guy??

Are you TOTALLY SURE that isn’t water?!