Sphere Tank and signs

The sphere tank 10 minutes after the wipe is an highway, signs placed everywhere as catwalks…

…please stops this defacement of monuments :wink:

Yeah. would be nice if signs would only be allowed on certain spots of the monument.

Even worse is when they are placed as barricades. There’s one of the jumps blocked now on the server where I play by a sign placed by someone who had already made the jump.

Couple bullets and it’s gone…

Or you could keep crying and the sphere will eventually fill up and allow you to swim to the top :slight_smile: Just block the sides with more signs so the tears don’t pour out :stuck_out_tongue:

I really don’t see the big deal with signs on the sphere…

i needed the signs.

it was the only way i ever got to see the inside.

i keep falling off cause i’m clumzy.