Sphere tank fly bug :( got me banned from a moded server

So the server that I play on got wiped last night, me and friend went on top of the sphere tank to make a base, we made the foundation, then the second floor, then I heard shooting then I jumped on top of the wall on the second floor, then my body bugged to sky I tried moving around for about 20-30 seconds I want moving then I got banned by the server anti cheat for using Flyhacks :0 .
So admins and owner checked everything and as we speak they all tried to unban me but they couldn’t find my name on the ban list or anything else, they tried every single thing to unban as I did reinstalling game, verify game cache and all.

After a while I tried to join back there was an error Disconnected:AUTH:BANNED .

and this is where I am stuck I need to know how to fix this issue, just let you know I am not vac banned, or banned on any other games, or banned on any other servers. I could play every other servers but this cause I got banned .

The server is moded and has plugins installed. PLEASE IF THERE IS A SOLUTION HELP ME

You need to get in contact with the server owner, because they need to update their plugin (or stop using it if it’s not being updated anymore) and remove you from the banlist.

Nobody on this forum can do anything at all – unless the server admin happens to use FP, in which case they’re the one person.

They did about everything possible to fix it they can’t even find my name or ip or ID or anything that is about me I just can’t connect to server and get that error and its says I am banned

You need to go to the Oxide forums and ask them about this, since it is an Oxide plugin that banned you (as far as I can tell). Go here:

I would guess you were detected as a hacker, and put on a list that shares hackers across Oxide servers. So ask how to get off that list. It’s not on your server.

Plug your Steam ID into the search box here and see if you come up.

You can get your 64bit Steam ID (the long number it’s expecting) by right-clicking on your own Steam profile page and, if the URL itself doesn’t end in a long-ass number, going to vacbanned.com and pasting your profile ID into there–the site will give you every representation of your Steam ID. (If you already knew this, ignore me, just making sure.)

If you do, welp, now you’re on a community blacklist, and if it’s legitimately a false positive because the plugin is out of date or just flawed, hopefully you can get off it, and if not, you get to be the proof for the "I told you so"s I laid down over a year ago when people demanded these while complaining about hackers.

If that site is it, then you can ask and the will take you off their hacker list:

Actually, if you’re banned by the RustDB plugin,

have your server admin read the documentation on how to remove bans in his plugin, or find out what the removal process is if it’s a manual one. The server admin seems convinced he’s clean and is on his side; RustDB basically requires video proof, and if Agraphha wasn’t recording at the time, RIP.

Nothing comes up when I search my ID assuming I am not banned on rust. I am only banned on the moded sorry yea

Well, this is what your server admin needs to do:

  1. Absolutely identify the plugin that banned you and go to that plugin’s documentation/support, which may include or be nothing else than posting on a forum thread run by the plugin devs (nothing wrong with that, mind you).

  2. Find out how to reverse the ban and then do it.

Alternatively, the server admin could do a full backup and then a total wipe and reinstall of the entire server, Rust server files and all. However, if the plugin sends bans to a community banlist, you’re gonna have to go with plan A up above to get yourself off the blacklist – and it seems it isn’t RustDB. The suggestions me and cinder have given you should apply in general to whatever blacklist, it’s just going to vary a bit depending on the specific circumstances of how that blacklist is run.

Alright thanks every one for replying and take your time :wink:

Oh, btw, rustdb’s ban list is not an official, dev-supported banlist. It’s not listing VAC or EAC bans, but its own plugin’s detections and admin-issued bans.

It’s a community banlist, but it’s just one of several out there.

Ok thanks