Sphere tank monument = life

Just wanted to say - fantastic job on the sphere tank monument overhaul, devs. It looks incredible and adds a great new way for us to kill ourselves in search of loot.
Seriously, it’s awesome.

My only problem with sphere is that it’s really easy to defend from the top.

I love how voice chat echos inside it.

it`s great how it is atm. going there several times a day for loot =)

lol I feel dumb but how do you even get in that thing

lots of careful jumping

The new Giant Nipple is just amazing. It really feels like taking risks to get loot. Miss a jump and, oh, you’re dead. Too bad.

Yes, it’s great. But there should’ve been two paths to make top floor harder to defend. Or maybe I did not discover the second one :wink:

i failed so many times just to reach the top. i still dont know what it looks like on the top

Got it on the second try. You just have to be extra careful with your jumps :slight_smile: