Spice up the room - the community decides!

Inspired by a thread from a year ago,the concept is simple. I start out with a very simple room, as shown below. The community decides what textures, models, etc go in! While I may do the outside once the inside is pretty much done, I’m going to focus on the inside, so yeah, go go go!


Select it all and press delete

Make it a Victorian style living room. Go GO Go!



Your supposed to tell me what to add and such, like starting with details and such.

Make lamps to start with?

Add windows, detail, skylights and fancy stuff.
you know, this works alot better when you do votes instead of: what do i do

Add a lamp, couch and a ceiling light. Oh and a tv and a door


Looking a bit better.

Add molding to the top too.


Added molds to the top. Also took the liberty of adding textures. If I should change, the textures, tell me which texture. Anyways, keep posting!

Make the ceiling white. Also add curtains to the window. I say have two larger windows one on the left and the other on the right then add some form of curtains or something.

add gman outside the window

Need a giant red start and hammer and sickle due to communism.

Disco ball. And a chair doin’ it on top of a couch. :q:

Make half of it concrete and like its inside a subway, Sprinkle some hobos on top for good measure.

Or add a fireplace.

I did this already.


And your point…? I know, you inspired me to do it, and I thought since yours looked good, that it wouldn’t hurt to try again.

I saw make the room larger and add an alcove on each side of it, but because you’ve already placed the window, move it to the end of the alcove.
The alcove should extend to ceiling height, and be at least two peoples width deep.

This will spice up that room.

Make it taller.