Spicy curry!

Another short video.
I had help with this one. (me and a friend)

That not gonna hurt anymore if you go in the water and i don’t know if it’s spicy but it’s hot !

that gotta hurt.

Hmmm well that was a bit too fast, first he was standing and suddenly he was on the ground.

Try to build something in between… like a flame comming out of the microwave or having the guy itself yelling and moving around on the ground.

I was going to have him flailing about, but I wanted to try something else <.<
Oh and thanks for the tips :v:

The idea is good. The ending was funny however.

How did you animate the npc’s like that?

They were players and ragdolls :downs:

How did you get the hostage model to walk? When I try they run. Or did you use the npc aniamtion script, if you did how did you get a hostage model?