Spider-Man: Carnage Model

Could anyone possibly make a model of Carnage from Spider-Man (for a machinima I’m making)? I’m mainly looking for a replica from the PS1 game, but it doesn’t have to be from the PS1 version exactly; good reskins will be accepted. Anyone who would do this would be awesome. Thanks guys.



Dont bump within a day, or when its on the first page, really, just stop, its stupid.

Also, no one is going to make a model just for your machinima, however, if people found a way to port from spider-man shattered dimensions, they might get ultimate carnage.

Oh and dont sign your posts.

Ah, right, sorry

Thanks for the practical spoiler :argh:


Boy what are you on.

I forget if I guessed he was there from the silhouette or not but I know I have yet to open that level.

Last one I opened was ultimate dead pool and that opened act 3, which is my guess as to where he is


I called it a practical spoiler because you didn’t necessarily ruin the story, but you told me of a character appearance I hadn’t gotten to yet


Reason I haven’t beat it is I don’t play it too often and had gotten it on May 27th, my birthday

So, is anyone gonna design a Carnage model or not? You can just reskin S-LoW’s venom to make it red, and add some tentacles…


This is [sp]Ultimate Carnage from the end of Ultimate Spiderman (PS2)[/SP]. He should be rippable.

Really? Where can I get him?

by “rippable”, I meant someone should be able to rip him. I may, however, be able to find you a model without bone structure.

That’s no problem, I could get someone to rig him

Sorry, couldn’t get it. I went on the place where I usually find my models, but no luck.

Damn, alright…well, I found out Ultimate Spiderman is on the PC, you could download that and get the Carnage model.

To be honest, I don’t really rip. If I could I’d have ripped the models from Sonic And Sega all-stars racing instead of requesting here. if you would bother to look one thread below yours.

yeah, i guess…thanks anyway

so there’s no chance of ripping Carnage from any game atall, not even the Spider-Man 2001 game on PC? damn

It’s not that, it’s just that you have to get lucky for someone to do this for you.

you need to be lucky to find someone can rip carnage