Spider-Man Edge of Time Models

ive ripped amazing,2099 and anti-venom but they are unsmooth :confused: can anyone tell me how to smooth them im using 3ds max 2009 but none of the smooth works ive ripped the map where you begin too :smiley:

Add a Smooth modifier.

still no change in 3ds max i tried to open them in cinema 4d and somehow they smoothed abit :

Edit: they look smoth when you are looking too far from them but after you zoom you can see here:

Anti-Venom’s legs are unsmooth when you look closely

Did you rip the Wii models? I don’t think it’s a case of smoothing, it’s moreso a case of them being low polygon. Even if you smooth them, they’ll still be bad.

They probably need welded vertices to smooth. Add a Vertex Weld modifier or do it manually in the editable mesh rollout.

heres the map too

still untextured cant get an dds to jpeg or other picture files

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yeah its from the wii models they look good but the wii system makes them look horrible ingame
the amazing and 2099 look hi-res only anti-venom looks bad on texture but it isnt so much low-res :slight_smile: