Spider-Man Edge of Time porting request.

I was wondering, well, firs,t yeah, i know, it came out last week, but, anyway, if anyone could port from this game?

If you can, would it be possible to port all of spider-mans and spider-man 2099’s default and unlockable suits (including the [sp]CEO’s 2 suits[/sp]) and Doc Ock, Black Cat, both of Anti-Venoms forms (skinnier and the hulking, large one) [sp]Atrocity[/sp] and such?

Oh, yes, pictures.





Video containing the suits Warning, spoilers kinda:


I support this, would be nice to have some high quality spider-men.

I support this alot, the Spiderman models look really high quality, and that Anti-Venom looks sweet as well.

and Blackcats high quality cleavage is great too.

Wow, those costumes looks pretty awesome. I hope somebody can take his time and make them all [or, at least, a big number of those] Can you add the “Beaten-Up” Amazing Spiderman too?

I thought the game isnt gonna be on PC

I’am more curious how did Venom and his psycho partner (I don’t remember the name k? I just know he is crazy.) got so… white.

I support

I think that´s Anti Venom… some crazy stuff happened in the comics and there you go: another costume and identidy that makes him even more crazy.

Sometime after the god awful “one more day” mac gargan, the current venom at the time, attacked a church, while eddie brock was inside, the symbiote activated remains of brocks symiote, attatched to his white blood cells, this caused the symbiote to be white, gain the ability to heal and remove substances that arent naturally in the body (drugs/addictions/diseases) and he can also change his size at will, but the symbiote is not really alive, brock has complete control, and he uses it to help people and try and kill venom.

Yeah, I remember reading one of the comics, “Anti-Venom returns”, and Eddie was killing drug dealers and healing people with addictions…

So… Anti-Venom was working for the PSA?

Has Anyone ripped these models yet i really need, black cat and Anti- Venom :slight_smile:

Well I think the name of Venom partner was Carnage… Well at least in the animated series it was a mad man, a killer from the asylum,there was something along the way involving Dormamu if I’m not mistaken.

The new thread layout really makes it easier to make a fucking dumb bump doesn’t it.

Anyway I’m not sure where these are from:


I think one is from edge of time.

oh wow whetre did those came from…


…WOW…its in the damn title of the upload.

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