Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions: NOIR SPIDERMAN, Model exported, needs rigging.


I’ve also made skins for it, Which i might get someone to hex eventually, but could someone rig this first?

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Ps: the model was obtained from a friend.

P.s is in 3ds format

picture please!


porting this model please!!

Im sorry, speak english.

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And someone is gonna try porting this guy, i already asked him.

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And by porting, i mean rigging, cause redman already got the shit from the game.

Need the textured model.

It isnt even rigged yet, FOR FUCKS SAKE DUDE.

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Fuck, that pic i showed had the model with textures god damnit.

I mean the unrigged model but with texture applied. Can anybody here do the texturing?

And the model is taken from the game, what’s your point?

You are stupid.

SUPER necro post, I know, but anyone know of any other Shattered Dimensions models laying around? Ideally Amazing Spiderman, Juggernaut, Mysterio, and Noir Spidey?

Yeah this thread is pretty much dead. Once I can find a retailer who actually sells the pc version (download or physical copy) of the game I will set up a wip progress thread for it. In the mean time J. Muffintop, if you still have your copy of the game you can go onto the xentax forum for me and see if anyone has came up with an unpacker. That should be a good start.


THANK YOU!!! :smiley:

Does the same extraction method work for Edge of Time? If it does it would be great if your friend could share the tool so we can get started on porting some of those models. Myself and a few others have files ripped but no way to extract them.

@skyvenom I have no idea what the extraction method is for this game seeing as the only thing I know about it is that they are in .pak files. Once I get the game though I’m going to try out what unpackers are out that I know about and if need be code one myself. I really hope J. Muffintop comes up with a good lead though because I’m still learning how to code.

@AaronM202 Hasn’t anyone rigged it yet for you? If you want I’ll just add him to the project list.

@TRS That would be great! I would help you with that if I could but I know next to nothing when it comes to coding =( BTW the files for Edge of Time are in .PKZ format if that helps at all.

To be perfectly honest it’s not ringing any bells. I’ll see what I can find on it. Thanks skyvenom. :slight_smile:

Also I’m sending you a pm about something I found. More of a question really.

Well can you kindly tell me how he converted them into those files what program pleeeeaasseee