Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions Port

Greetings my facepunch comrades, I bring you here this fine day to request a port of Noir Spider-Man from S:SD. [img_thumb]http://i795.photobucket.com/albums/yy237/otherside1994/552-Spider-Man_Shattered_Dimensions.jpg[/img_thumb]

I hope someone could do this, because Noir Spidey is one of the best Spideys out there. If someone could port this model (Hopefully with fingerposing) people could do simple model hacks or skins to make things like these: [img_thumb]http://www.meh.ro/original/2010_04/meh.ro3891.jpg[/img_thumb]

So please, someone consider this, but if porting it from the 360 version via ROM or whatever people use to do cross console porting is completely impossible, they will be coming out with a PC version eventually. So someone try this please. Thank you for your time dear reader.

I back this up.

I want it too.

And maybe the other spideys and deadpool while your at it?

Fuck it is Awesome!
Back up here.

I would like to see this done.

And the alt costumes.

i support this idea…I love the Game…And i Love spiderman Noir

Me too!

Now that is what I want to see!

I support the idea.

Noir is boss as fuck. Definatly supported.

I support this!

Fulling support and endorse this thread. Would love to have all the various costumes as well as possibly the villains.
Unfortunately, we’re still waiting on the PC version to come out (or so I believe) so it may be some time before we see these Spider-Men in the G-Mod dimension. (bad pun)

A few quick additions requests:
-Spider-Man 2099’s costume should have an animated texture
-new rope texture of the SM: SD webbing?
-Noir Spidey’s eyes could/should glow
-Maybe port some of the props/models? Like the vehicles and other various set props.