Spider-Man Super Pack


I decided “HMM, I WANT PICTURES OF SPIDER-MAN” so i took my my model hack slave and got to work and stole 20 something skins from marvel modes and made nearly 50 spider-men, here you go:






Srgt. Shotup: Dealing with my shit, making these things.
Me: some skins.
Dudes at marvel mods like Sosika for most of the skins.

Steam Workshop


[url=]Filesemelt (coming soon)

Spuder-man, nobody knows who you are

I helped them extract the textures from the forums because they were in .tpf format. But no one probably gives a shit.

And extracting the textures from the original models because they were in .txd format.

Only 4 of the packs download(10,9,6,4) and one of those 4 only loads up as error models in-game.

I am having the same problem, the other models are errors. And my steam and gmod will crash during the download. I’m just gonna wait for the garrysmod.org version.

That shouldnt be happening.

garrysmod sucks, why not a direct download? Like mediafire?

That would also work.

Updated the OP with a Mega link.