Spider man

I was using the ninja rope tool in bigcity and I wanted to try to depict how it felt to swing around the city.


Needs lots of work.
You didn’t even use the nice Spiderman Model!

At least use handposing :v:

his expression aswell as body language is awesome, actually made me chuckle.

I’d say it was nice if the hands didn’t suck and the phy needed fixing, but that’s just me.

I’d try no-colliding some props, attach the rope/wire to those, and make the props invisible. That might help make them look more like they’re coming from his wrists.

He did, but it looks bad because he is using default citizen which uses mittens.

Why the bloody hell would he stick a metrocop that far up a building.

Spiderman hangs people by their feet off of the top of skyscrapers, this isnt so bad.

Sperm man dicks around in big shitty

Yeah, I realized this after I had fully posed him and I didn’t want to turn back.

ah, yes, very insightful criticism

Probably the best spider man pose ever.