Spiderman Friend Or Foe Models

Character models + the Shield HQ model, from the game Spider-Man Friend or Foe.

.LW + .OBJ format, with textures.

All the main characters plus a couple of the enemy robots

Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Now find Someone Ripping Them

Just gotta go into a 3D modelling software program and delete all except the character that you want, rig that character, convert the texture for the character and good to go.

Is this scale about right? I have no idea what size he is anymore since he’s different in everything you read or play. I’m kind of a fan of the bigger Venom. I will try to give this a shot, but I’m not promising anything. I’ve been playing around with different parts of the process but this will be the first one I try from start to finish. The model in front is one of the cloud strife models, of average height.

Hey, What’s up,

You should try to reference your Venom model to a CS:s/gmod/HL2 skeleton, and make it as big as you can (im a fan of bigger venom too).

Any chance of these being available elsewhere because they are not on fileserve anymore??

Well 1. Old topic. 2. If I remember those right, those were unusable. they are not in T pose…